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It’s estimated that nearly 90% of non-bulk cargo in the world is transported by container ships, and bulk carrier ships comprise 15% of the merchant ships on the sea. With so many ships transporting goods all of the globe, there’s an abundance of news related to cargo shipping. This post looks at some of the latest cargo shipping news from around the world.

Delayed Shipment Causes Hungry Customers

A cargo ship recently experienced some engine trouble. The ship was carrying food that was meant for grocery stores. At the moment the shipment is expected to be a week late. Some of the food included fresh produce that shouldn’t be left out for too long. When the ship arrives much of the fruit will have to be thrown out. To read the full article visit this site.

Edward Withrow - Ship

Shipping, Ports, and Digital Data

GE Transportation and the Port of Los Angeles have formed a partnership to capture and supply shipping data to supply chain managers. Stakeholders will be able to make better decisions based on the information that the program collects. The Port of Los Angeles is eager to pilot the program because it is the largest container port in the United States. To learn more about this innovative program, read the article.

Cargo Ship Controversy

For the past three years, a cargo ship has sat unmanned at Port Hawkesbury Pier in Canada. Now, though, it will finally begin its journey to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. It’s unclear why the ship has sat at the pier for three years, but the owners of the ship haven’t been happy about the situation since they have to pay dock fees. The crew that was originally hired to work on the ship will need to be replaced. They complained of unfair living conditions aboard the ship—a complaint that the owners disagree with. You can read the full article here.

Cargo Owners Fear Financial Risks

In August South Korea’s Hanjin Shipping company went out of business. As a result of its collapse, $14 billion of cargo was left at sea. The collapse has led owners to become careful about which shipping lines they will do business with. Also, many shipping lines are merging or considering merging in order to strengthen their finances. The difficulties that shipping lines currently face are a result of fallout from the 2008 financial crisis. To learn more about the situation take a look at Fortune’s article.