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About Edward Withrow

Financier and Entrepreneur

Edward Withrow has several years of executive experience in investment banking, market analysis, sales and marketing, and more. His work interests lie in low-cost health diagnostics for veterans, patent writing, and strategy development.

Edward Withrow was born in Oakland, California, and has since spent time living in 14 different cities, mostly in and around California. He has recently acquired businesses in the United Kingdom and, therefore, spends at least a month in Europe every year. His many professional projects exhibit his wide variety of business skills.

In the investment banking sphere, Edward Withrow has experience raising capital, structuring offering, and overseeing mechanics and deal structuring. Additionally, he has successfully facilitated mergers and acquisitions, valuation, negotiation, and public listings. In market analysis, Edward Withrow is proficient in situation analysis, porters 5 forces, and competitive analysis. He has also successfully developed positioning for market and competition and has worked extensively with pricing strategies.  

Furthermore, Edward Withrow is skilled in sales and marketing, as shown by the fact that he has crafted for his companies a go-to market plan. He has also played a critical role in strategic planning for companies, communication planning and development, communications with the investor market, as well as vendors and strategic partners, and product research and development.

Edward Withrow is also well-versed in the field of intellectual property. He has done extensive work writing original patent applications, identifying patent protection opportunities, and identifying extended protection of existing patent portfolios. In addition, he has also developed IP strategies for things such as filing patents in the United States and internationally, evaluating ‘trade secret’ strategies, and working with copyrights and trademarks. He is co-authored on several issues patents.

Leader in biotech and health sciences

Edward Withrow is a highly versatile and educated individual, with a broad range of experience in banking, marketing, sales, and intellectual property. He currently lives in California with his wife and son.